Monday, April 25, 2022

What I have Been Stitching?

 First, thanks for all the encouragement on Blue Larkspur. I still need to get with my friend as this piece has caused me numerous frogging encounters. If it is not in properly, the other motifs don't fit. Sigh.


I have been able to get 15 stitches a day(Mostly)  on Purple Mountain Majesty by Gay Ann Rogers.

I need to add the white snow caps next. No chocolate while stitching that!

More Than a Rose is progressing nicely. I am no expert on needlelace, but I am enjoying the process:


And I needed a piece to stitch on Sunday's at my mother-in-law's house. It is dark in there and I need to be able to see my stitching and keep up my end of the conversation. So out came the class I took at the Royal School of Needlework when I visited in 2019. It is a little crewel piece by Chrissie Juno-Mann

No clue what I will do with it, but it has been so fun to stitch!

Monday, April 18, 2022

IHSW April 2022

 Well, this weekend was a blur. My husband and I are busy doing yard work and Saturday was the perfect day for tree trimming. Or that is what he told me. 😂So I really didn't do much stitching as I was fairly tired after that. Sunday morning I was up early making cinnamon rolls and egg casserole for Easter breakfast at church. When I finally sat down to stitch, this is what I discovered:

No! Not the chocolate!!! I am pointing to the little red motif where I made a mistake...all the way on the other side of the project!!! I, obviously, can't count. It is not the fault of the designer, Krista West. Her work is fantastic. I am going to put this piece in time out. Hopefully I can get a friend to look at it and help me decide what to do. Her super-power is finding mistakes and helping you figure out how to fix them.

I need to start an easy project to get my mojo back. Or eat the chocolate!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Easter Treasure Hunt 2022

 Well, this is all Jo's fault. She talked me into it. Jo holds a fun blog hop every year at Easter and she talked me into starting something new. Only one problem. I gave the said object away before I took a photo. 

First the details: hop over to Jo's blog which is linked above and follow all the links she shares. There will be a letter at each blog that will be put together to make a phrase. It is fun and a great way to meet other bloggers.

Back to my problem of mailing said object before I took a photo..... 

Thank goodness I am easily enabled. Helen D. over on FlossTube is holding a SAL on Erica Michael's  seasonal berries.The hashtag is #berryseaonalsal . I, of course could not resist. And unlike the SAL's I do with  Fiber Talk (which are more like START a longs), Helen D finishes her projects.  So I managed to finish one berry, just in time for the Easter Treasure Hunt.

Not the best fully finished object, but I did finish it! My goal is to get a summer one done before the 4th of July. Don't hold your breath!


Oh! You need a letter, don't you? Here it is:

 Layered Letter L, Layered letters SVG, Multilayer Letters ...


 And next hop to

Tales of a Stitching Mouse






Monday, April 11, 2022

Purple Mountain Majesty Heart

 I try to stitch on this piece every day. It doesn't always happen, but I am making progress.

Here it is from March 21:

 Here I am today:

Trying to get all the tent stitch done so I can work on the fun stuff!

Saturday, April 9, 2022

A Bit of A Party

 I am enjoying stitching on Pour ta Fete. I wonder if I just worked on it, would I get it done this year?

I pulled an orange thread for the lone "A". It is close to the color of the chocolate wrapper....

Working on the left side of the sampler and trying to get to the bottom. I am truly enjoying this piece!

Friday, April 8, 2022

A Dragonfly and A Snail!

 I have been plugging away on my More Than a Rose Group Correspondence Course from EGA. I finally completed the background and was able to move to the fun stuff.

Here is the background completed with bullion knots and dragonfly:

The snail is supposed to have a thread woven in the shell. I am debating on whether to use brown or another color. Thoughts?

I originally did the dragonfly with pink, but didn't like it. The blue works in my mind!

Friday, April 1, 2022

Not an April Fool's Joke!

 Well, it is the new moon so it is time to post my Totally Useless Stitch a Long-(TUSAL) a photo of my orts.

Does anyone else have more than one ort bowl? I have one in my bedroom for when I stitch there and then one by my stitching spot. Well, I have one more in the basement but we won't discuss that!