Monday, December 10, 2018

Day 11 Online Advent Calendar

I don't remember getting an Advent calendar as a child. Maybe because there were 6 children and we were poor! (That is what my mom told me, although I never felt poor.) Anyway, Jo over at  Serendipitous Stitching         
is having an online stitching Advent Calendar. It is so much fun seeing what other people stitch for the holidays.
First big disclaimer: I had PLANNED on finishing two ornaments to show here, but life has gotten in the way. I haven't even finished the Mill Hill Nativity set. Sigh. Maybe in Janurary...
So here are our Christmas stockings. I stitched all but one. Can you guess which one?
 This one is my husband's:
 My daughter's:
 One son:
 The other son:
I would really love to get my stocking done for 2019, but we will see.
Jo asked us to include a favorite seasonal song. Mine is rather odd, but I have always loved it:

I tried to add the Youtube, but had issues. What do you think about this song?

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Tall Turkey

Yes, it is December. Yes, I want to stitch Christmas. But every year I wish I had a few more things to put out at other seasons. I was cleaning my basement and going through stash when I found this piece:

I have been stitching on him since Thanksgiving, but just haven't shared it with you. It was a kit that had fabric and a button. I pulled threads from my stash. I think I may have to do the heart in another color. He is my take along project.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Mill Hill Monday

I have made a little progress so I thought I would show it. This is where you saw it last:

 And here it is now:
It is fun, but there are a ton of beads! And I am ready for something Christmasy!

Saturday, December 1, 2018


When   Jo  announced that dragons was the theme for the People's Choice SAL in December, I had to laugh. When my oldest was a young child, he loved dragons. He would make up imaginary ones and tell us what they sounded like. He had a toy dragon that he loved. It is in the basement somewhere....
Anyway, one year I decided to make him a Christmas stocking. He wanted a dragon on it. This is around the year 1999. No dragon stockings. So he drew a picture of one and helped me pick the stitches for a counted canvas piece.
Yes, the colors are that bright.(Please ignore the mess in the background!)He helped me choose the colors and  all the stitches. I was close to being done when he told me the dragon was in a cave with lots of gold coins. So AFTER I had done most of the stitches, I had to paint the background black. Luckily my SIL had some coin charms that I could use and I was set.

Here is another dragon that I did stitch for him that is hanging on the wall in his bedroom. I don't know the designer or the year I stitched it, but it is a dragon!

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you follow the link to Jo, there will be other posts of dragons.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Last Day of November

Well, I have not done much blogging this month although I will probably do less next month. I haven't even started thinking about plans for 2019! Yikes!
First of all, it is the last Friday of then month and I have been posting about Reptiles. But I put it away to work on this:
 I had high hopes of having it stitched by this Christmas, but life got in the way. This is what it looked like last November:
 And here I am today.
I could start putting in Joseph, but I think I will backstitch the stable first.

I was cleaning my basement and found all my framed stitching. It was propped against a wall taking up space. I know our basement needs to be totally redone, which won't happen any time soon, so I just started hanging pictures on the wall randomly. This upset my sons-didn't find studs or use the right type of fastener and my daughter as I did not preview where I would hang them.
Here is what it looks like:
It makes me happy.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Wabi-sabi Notebooks

 I keep a daily journal. No great thoughts or great art. Just a place to spill what is running around in my small mind. I use composition books or spiral bound notebooks like this one:

I try to make them look pretty as it adds to the appeal for me.
Earlier this year I found my Ukrainian Nyzynka piece designed by Phyllis Maurer. I checked and it has been stitched since July 2013! That is too long in a state of unfinishedness....So I made it into a journal cover:
I think it came out fairly nice.
It seems I am in a constant state of trying to clean my art room. Sigh.While attempting to clean, I came across some quilt squares made by my grandmother. One seemed to be the right size for a journal cover so I tried it:

 Not the best, but it will work. Also, it reminds me of my abuelita and all the times I visited her.
This is the fabric I used for the back:
Now to get ready for college students and Thanksgiving! It isn't at my house, thank goodness, but I do need to prepare some things.