Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Finish

I finished Frog Pond before March 21st although I have not had the opportunity to post about it. I went to my LNS and purchased the frame and popped it in just on Monday. I really like this kit although it had a lot more beading than I originally thought it did. My boys picked it out ages ago and I think they are happy to see it finished.

I went on a stitching retreat with the Tri-State Needlearts group last weekend in Wisconsin. It was so much fun to stitch and not have to worry about laundry or lunch or kids. I did miss my dh, but I know he would have been bored with all us ladies sitting and stitching. I worked on my Orna Willis Jerusalem 2000 piece. It is an ANG Cyberworkshop class I took before my daughter
was born. I am missing some silk thread which I hope I will discover in my stash. If not, the sky must be ripped and redone. I am so close to finishing this piece that I hope to have it done before summer. We shall see...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mystery in a Corner: Unframed

I thought I was going to have a picture of my Mystery framed for you this week, but when I went to pick my piece up at Michael's, I found a disaster. It needed to have a mat put behind it because the canvas showed. Fine. But they cut the mat 3 inches bigger, put the frame around it and then just tacked the stitching to the top of the mat, so it just floated there. I was furious and told them I wanted my piece back and I wasn't going to pay for it. Here it is, unframed:
Why did I take it to Michael's? I have had other things framed there recently, and they have done a great job. When I called my LNS and told her my problem she said that the person who used to do the framing at Michael's left and other people had complained about the job that was being done. She said she would look at my piece and see what she could do. (They had me cut the piece to half inch of my stitching so the frame would fit properly. Yikes!)

I feel like such an idiot. All that time and money spent on stitching and I tried to save a few bucks. My LNS is a small place and the owner does all the framing herself (I think). She takes longer, but she does a nice job. Sigh. Live and learn.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daughter's Angel

My dear daughter likes to stitch, but does not like following a pattern. She has made several pieces where she drew a picture and then stitched the lines. Not in backstitch, running stitch or stem stitch either, just in whatever she felt like doing. So I thought this piece was really neat. She did it on Aida and used DMC for most of it. The Angel's dress is in metallic DMC and the background is a purple floss she found. She is very proud of it and so am I. When she gets tired of it, it will be mine!