Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sam's Beaded Bottle

I finally had a moment and Sam helped me figure out how to aquire photos. He has been doing it for his computer illiterate mom...Anyway, here are some photos of Sam's completed beaded bottle. It is a Carolyn Sherman design and he really enjoyed doing it. I did not help him at all. I told him that he could give it to me, but he said no. Rats!
Bottom of bottle

Base of bottle stitched.

Here is some pictures of my MIAC. I have been busy working on my spaces and corners.
This next picture shows the area I need tor rip. The light purple is just not right. It is ok, but every time I see it I think to myself, that needs to be darker. It has been loads of fun to stitch and a challenge to figure out what colors to use.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finally Finished

After a lot of stalling, I finally finished my October Crazy Quilt Square. I still need to start my November square. I have a feeling I will be a little behind for a few months and then catch up after the holidays. I really want to finish my MIAC before the end of the year and I still have some Christmas ornaments to stitch.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some changes in MIAC

I added some lavender to my MIAC. It definitely helps. I hope to get one of the spaces worked on soon, but I am trying to finish my October crazy quilt square. I need to start on my November square or I will be way behind for the Beaded Journal Project.
Crescent Claus was started and finished in a week! I think that is the fastest I have ever finished anything! My oldest son has claimed it as his for Christmas.

This Mill Hill kit took me longer. He is San Nicolo. He looks adorable in person. I love Mill Hill bead kits. They stitch up quickly and I normally have plenty of beads left over. In fact, I am using some of the extra beads on my crazy quilt. And one last plug for Mill Hill: the few times I have run out of beads, they have sent me what I needed with no questions asked. A great company!