Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some changes in MIAC

I added some lavender to my MIAC. It definitely helps. I hope to get one of the spaces worked on soon, but I am trying to finish my October crazy quilt square. I need to start on my November square or I will be way behind for the Beaded Journal Project.
Crescent Claus was started and finished in a week! I think that is the fastest I have ever finished anything! My oldest son has claimed it as his for Christmas.

This Mill Hill kit took me longer. He is San Nicolo. He looks adorable in person. I love Mill Hill bead kits. They stitch up quickly and I normally have plenty of beads left over. In fact, I am using some of the extra beads on my crazy quilt. And one last plug for Mill Hill: the few times I have run out of beads, they have sent me what I needed with no questions asked. A great company!

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Cyn said...

Hi Beth,

Glad to hear that you are happier with your MIAC!

Cute Mill Hill finishes. :-)

I just finished the cross stitching on "Merry" and I'll be posting a picture next week. I just need to add the beads and it's done!

I put the first in the Nutcracker series in the travel stitching bag. Should start on that one next week. :-)

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