Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Santa's almost done

As you can see, I have almost finished San Nicolo. He is a lttle Mill Hill bead kit that I've had in my stash forever. I try to stitch ornaments for each of my kiddos and some for a neice and nephew. So far I have two done this year and I am worried that I won't get them done!
I have also spent some time working on my MIAC. For some reason this picture came out blue tinted.... I spend a lot of time wondering if I even like my colors. The photo doesn't look too bad, but in person in looks stripey. I think I should not have put green in and tried to find a lighter value of the blue or purple. Too many medium values and not enough contrast. Sigh. Oh well, it is a learning piece and I used colors I don't normally use. My kids like the piece so I will keep working on it. I would have to rip too much to change it and sometimes I kind of like it.
I have finished stitching my October crazy quilt square; I just haven't had time to put any beads on it. Hopefully that will change this week!

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Cyn said...

Hi Beth,

Enjoyed seeing your progress on your projects.

The Santa is cute!

It's hard to see MIAC with the blue tint on the phot so it's hard to comment on the threads that you've selected. If you aren't happy with how it's turning out, how about setting it aside and starting another one. You don't have to finish this one but you can use it as a study/doodle canvas for a second project.

I'll post an update on my blog but I stopped working on my Mill Hill ghost as he's stitched on black perforated paper. Since these are my travel projects, he's not traveling with me as he's too hard to see if bad lighting.

I've added Mill Hill's "Merry" to my travel bag and it's working up quickly. :-)

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