Sunday, January 24, 2010

ANG Stitch of the Month

My camera doesn't take great pictures, but here are the threads I am thinking about using.
Family A: Cinnabar Watercolours
080HL Kreinik
72 Anchor floss

Family B:320 DMC in #5 perle cotton and floss (Can't remember what Krenik I ordered)

Family C:3753 DMC in #5 perle cotton and floss
3214 Krenik

But it is hard to start stitching as it is a mystery and I am not sure I will like the color choices. Cynthia-I don't blame you for waiting!

I also was asked by some of my guild members about teaching a workshop on dyeing threads and fabrics. Wouldn't it be fun to dye the threads for this piece? I am thinking about it. Wonder if my friend is done with my dyes yet? I better go stitch and stop thinking about it!

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