Wednesday, January 12, 2022

I Need to Rip

 I made a mistake on this Avlea design-Blue  Larkspur. I can't fudge it so a motif must come out. I love this piece. The colors, the design are scrumptious, but I am having a terrible time stitching on it on the go. Since it is supposed to be my traveling project, I may have to dig through my stash and see what I can do instead. I need something without a lot of color changes, not too much counting and a large enough count to not mess with my eyeballs. Suggestions?


Clare-Aimetu said...

I'm sorry you have a frog visit. That's a lovely design but looks complicated for a travelling project. I think it depends on how much time you will be travelling, if it's little but often what about a few Smalls- JCS SAL on Facebook maybe. If you'll be away for many days at a go then I'd persevere with this, unless you have another large project. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a shame the frog has come to visit!
I'm using a Just Nan Band Sampler as my work project and bath time project with the same parameters as your travelling project!
Smalls are good too.

diamondc said...

Beth: It is a very pretty motif, the border looks very pretty.
I hate ripping but sometimes I have to do so.


Leonore Winterer said...

It might be a little counting-heavy for a travel project!