Sunday, May 5, 2024

RSN Podcast on FiberTalk

 I don't normally share, but this interview was so much fun.

This week we visit with Gemma Murray, Anne Butcher, and Dr. Susan Kay-Williams of the Royal School of Needlework. These ladies were responsible for managing all of the needlework that was done for the Coronation of King Charles III a year ago. In our conversation, we learn about the various aspects of the work that was done at the RSN from restoration to creation of new pieces. This week’s show was recorded as a video so we could show photos of the embroidery as we talked about the pieces. That video is available below. Also on this page is a slide show of the images we discussed, in the order in which they were presented. We hope you enjoy this look at the work that was involved in preparing embroidered pieces for the historic Coronation. If you want to buy the book, “An Unbroken Thread,” by Dr. Susan Kay-Williams, that includes the chapter on the RSN’s Coronation work, you can find sources at–Beth and Gary

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I'll need to have a look at that, thanks for sharing!