Saturday, July 1, 2017

Crazy 2020

I think I have a plan for this challenge. If you want to find the details, it is on Sharon B's blog Pintangle .
I think I will make around 72 postcard size blocks which means I will need about 20 different items on each. I am currently using some fabric I dyed in a class by Candied Fabrics . There were 8 squares of fabric per color so even if I used it twice in my block, I am only counting it once.
Here are the blocks I have made so far:

They are small so it only takes me 40 minutes per block. The squares of fabric are only 5" which is why I had to repeat fabric to finish a seam. The rectangles are not "square" so I will have trouble if I decide to make it into a quilt. But I think it would be more fun to mail them out in the end.
My next decision is:should I keep them monochromatic, or add more colors to each block with fibers, etc? I think if I keep them analogous, that might make them more interesting. Or split complimentary?


Linda said...

I love the blocks you made Beth. The green one is my favorite.


Pamela said...

Nice idea to make postcards

cheryl lennox said...

Since you plan to mail them and not keep them all together, you can experiment with different color plans. That would make a good teaching tool also for your lecture in the fall.

Mia said...

You are great, Beth! I love your blocks!