Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What I Have Been Doing

I think I told you that my guild is stitching Tall Year Squared by Betsy Morgan and I am helping make kits. Why? Because I am crazy! Even more so as I volunteered to dye the linen and the silk. The first batch came out very blotchy.
The colors are lovely, but too dark by a little bit and not even. They will work for other projects and I will sell them for the guild at the region workshop we will have in 2018. I have reordered both the silk and linen and will try again next week. I think I need to do one shade at a time, add more water and stir! I also need to change one of the colors as it does not match the threads we already have.
Do you all think I am crazy?


Linda said...

I will say it is beautiful. I have never tried fabric dyeing.


cucki said...

Wow wow wow wow
So beautiful
Love and hugs x