Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ever Watch "Ask This Old House"?

My boys all loved the section called "What is it?" So that is my question to you: What is it?

 I think I have the scroll bars/frames that go with the above photo because they all say "Needle-Ease".
But these next few photos I have no clue. I received them with some stretcher bars when a friend was down sizing her stash. What are they?


Kate said...

lattice frame

Beth in IL said...

Thanks Kate. I thought that might be it. Should see if any of my local stitching friends need it.

MomCat said...

The top photo is what we used to clamp a small Tensor light to for illuminating our needlework. This has to date back at least to the 80s--before we had all the nifty current lights and not nearly as hot as that Tensor light was. I still have mine. The question is, why? :-)