Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 31-Stash Diet

First, I need to figure out how I am going to keep track of my finishes for my diet. I am such a scatter-brain that I doubt I will remember everything from month to month.
I did get Luke finished which made me happy.
This is a crazy quilt card I made for a friend. The block was started in 2015( I think) and I found the pin at Charming Charley's in the clearance. The back broke off so I had to sew it onto the square. It already had some seam treatments so it was a quick finish.
And I did get Star Pumpkin finished, but you saw that already.
 This is the stash I purchased this month along with $10 worth of DMC to work on 1st Christmas Stocking. (In my defense, I ordered them in December before I realized I needed to go on a diet!)
 So I started with $225. -$65 for stash buying. + $1 for stable weight,+ $3 for art pages + $5 for card going out +$12 for the 2 Mill Hill kits.
I think I have $181 to start next month.  I am trying to resist a class from Kathy Rees called  Razzmatazz 
Gay Ann Rogers is having a sale in February too. So many temptations!


Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finishes Beth.


Bea said...

Very nice finish - you're tempting me to try some of the Mill Hill kits. You can do your diet! Will it help to walk into your stash area and say "I need to stitch this first"?

Beth in IL said...

Bea, I like have a list to work from as it keeps me from randomly starting something when I really should be working on something else. That being said....I always give myself room to "cheat!"

Tiffstitch said...

Good luck with SFS, it does help us keep track of things. As long as you're taking photos of everything you finish, you should be able to find it again at the end of the month. :) That helps me.. plus I'll look through my posts and see what I posted about. Lovely work on everything!