Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dancing Moving Along

I have actually made some progress on this piece.  I did not realize that it is due to Ro Pace in March. Yikes!  I am very worried about running out of threads so I may just order what I think I will need.  My other choice is to substitute DMC floss for some of the threads.  That way if I run out, it is easy to get the thread I need.

This piece has been difficult for me to count.  When I put the center Jessicas in I realized the couching was incorrect on three of the legs.  So they had to be redone.  One is still wrong, but I will leave it.  If I get an extension, I may go back and redo that part.

Counting issues made me decide to put the pots in and then the border.  (Ro has the border put in first.) Once I get all the outlines for the pots in, I will put the border in.  I am thinking of using beads for the center instead of French Knots so I will put them in later too.


Tonya said...

Beth, can you email me please, I lost your's because we changed computers...need some honey soon! Thanks

cheryl lennox said...

My favorite colors!