Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Finish and a Squirrel


Because of Christmas decorations, I have not been able to stitch on anything big.  I think that is why Merrily, Merrily got finished.  I started this little Mill Hill bead kit of a squirrel when I needed something a little mindless to stitch.
I have been peeking at blogs, but I am not always able to leave a comment.  Hopefully that bug will get fixed and I will post notes again soon.  I am being enticed by a sampler which I really don't need.
 Decided against doing the Crazy January Challenge 2014.  I got a bit done on my list, but not nearly as many as I wanted.  I think I will be changing my rotations this year.  The plan is to work on Elizabeth I, Ghost Dancer, a Mill Hill kit and maybe something else.  I have so many large projects that need to be finished, but it drives me crazy if too many are upstairs.  I am hoping that by working a little on projects that have a due date (Ghost Dancer), and giving myself to have a floating project (the something else on my list), I will get more done. We shall see.


Linda said...

Cute finish and I love the squirrel.


Sandy said...

Can't wait to see more of your Elizabeth I done. I ended up pulling mine away for this year. You have more done that I've managed to accomplish in 2013.

The squirrel is cut and the ornament is pretty.

Sandy W