Thursday, April 19, 2012

Working on my Crazy Challenge

I realized that I will never get all 15 of my Crazy January Challenges done unless I do a little each day on some of them.  This is Winter Woods by Mill Hill.  The top picture is what I had done at the beginning of the challenge.  The bottom picture is how much I have done so far.  My goal is to put 12 stitches in a day and see what gets done at the end of a week.  Wish me luck!


Linda said...

Good luck Beth. I am at the point with all my SAL's that I don't want to put one down to work on another. Hang in there - we'll get em done.


Anonymous said...


I'm new to your blog.

You have some beautiful stitching and I love the Mill Hill Mitten finish - so cute!

Good luck with yout Crazy Challenge!