Friday, May 1, 2009

Mystery in a Corner: Framed

I finally had a minute and decided to post this picture of myself and my MIAC by Gay Ann Rogers. My framer did a great job. When I was picking it up she noticed a piece of lint and took it apart and took it out. How nice is that? I did put glass on it as I get a lot of dust in my house and I hate to dust!
Hope spring has arrived wherever you are! It has arrived in Central Illinois. I love all the tulips and daffodils I had my kids plant last fall.


Cyn said...

Hi Beth,


And the framer did a great job!

Ummm, I know the feeling about dusting. Who has time with kids and I rather be stitching! LOL!!!

Windy Meadow

Timaree said...

The tulips in your header are beautiful. Dusty there? Not like here in the desert. This is the worst place for dust I've ever lived. (In Illinois I lived in Great Lakes and Channahon. Even when the fields were being harvested it wasn't as dusty as here in AZ but I think putting your work behind glass is the best way to go anyhow.

Love to Stitch 99 said...

It looks very nice. Before clicking for the close-up I thought it was a special mat all around it until I saw that you did additional stitching all around it, which makes it very interesting.

Pierrette =^..^=

Beth in IL said...

Freebird: Yes, the southwest is much dustier; I'm from Albuquerque originally and I miss the desert. But I have a cornfield in my backyard, and the dust is bad!
Pierrette: Yes, the dark blue is stitching. Byzantine, I think. Love that stitch!

Anonymous said...

You frame worked out wonderfully after the disaster. However, I would have used a reversed bevel cut on the mat so the white line didn't show but that just my preference. You should always put glass on a fabric piece and if you don't have a mat to keep it off the glass, remember to tell the Framer to use spacer bars between the glass and the frame.

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Wow! This is awesome!!! Beautiful work!