Monday, February 13, 2017

Trying to Organize

First, I do need to take out the mistake in Spirit. It bugs me and I see it every time I sit down to stitch. Which is why I was in the basement and not upstairs stitching on it.

I stopped at Wally-world this morning to get a container to start organizing my Mill Hill Kits.
Here is what I started with:

 This container held the mess.
 And this one was the one I bought.
 I found that this box had more than just Mill Hill bead kits too....Shepherd's Bush needle rolls and a few other things.
Here is what I ended with:

I don't like the second box as the lid can't be placed on it. Does anyone have a good way to store the larger Mill Hill kits? Because, yes, I have more! They are the Christmas ones....


Jacquie Morris said...

Wow!! Good job! Great bit of organising done!!
Happy smiles :)

BFromM said...

I've gotten a bin type at target that is probably the same size as the ones you are using, but a lot taller, because I have some taller things. It was more expensive, because of its non standard size, but it works well.

An other Beth