Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Smyrna Border

First, the Nativity Trilogy ornaments will eventually go on a wreath or at least that is the plan right now. I need to finish the other 5 before I decide.

I was working on this last night and I stitched up to the bottom diamond shape when I realized I made a mistake and ripped it all back out. Note to self: DON'T STITCH WHILE YOU HAVE A COLD! After I ripped,I watched some tv then crawled to bed. Hopefully I will feel like stitching this evening.

I also need to start my list of things I want to stitch this year. I do that every year and I have a few things to finish in 2017...How about you? Do you make a list?


Bea said...

Love LOVE the colours in this.

I make very general goals - not very good with really specific plans.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous work despite the visit from the frog.
I love making lists and plans! I have a stitching notebook and a diary where I write all the SALs and my goals for the year. I'm currently choosing my "17 in '17" which are this 17 main projects for 2017. I've done this since 2011 which 11 projects and various degrees of success!