Monday, March 28, 2016

I Should Not Use Scissors

I know I can fix this, but what a pain!!!I will have to do a different stitch in this square. I need to cut more threads and add a thread back in so I can do the Ruskin Lace in this section.  I think I will wait until I get the other square cut before I decide what I do.


Brenda M. Côté said...

Ouch, I feel your pain. Will you have to weave in threads?

Brenda's Needlepoint Studio Blog

Linda said...

You are so brave Beth. I would never stitch anything like that. It's so pretty.


Beth in IL said...

I will have to reweave one thread. At least I hope it is only one thread. I need to cut a different square correctly and then I will know.

Stitching Noni said...

oh no.... I haven't attempted hardanger or anything that involves cutting threads as I know I will cut the wrong bit!!!
Good luck with fix :o)
Hugs xx