Monday, February 15, 2016

Ripping Out my Heart

I gave myself permission to work on my heart yesterday and I thought I was zooming along. And I was....incorrectly!!! I probably should have left it alone and stitched the right side like the incorrect left side, but I removed the stitches.  Now I have holes in my canvas where there shouldn't be(congress cloth is very unforgiving) and I have more stitches to take out.  Sigh.  I think it will be fine no matter what and my mother has offered to take it off my hands when I am done.


Renee said...

So frustrating for you, I'm sorry. It is a beautiful piece!

BFromM said...

I usually find that I can gently push the congress cloth back into place when there are holes in the wrong place. It moves out of place easily, but you can usually put it back in place, easily, too

Von said...

Oo, that hurts, Beth! I bet it will even out once you get the correct stitches in and perhaps push the cloth back in places. I had to take a few stitches out of my project yesterday because I misplaced them - argh!