Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Never do Basketweave Quite Right

This is Elizabeth's mask.  Nothing exciting yet, but please notice the line on the left of her face, kind of under where her mouth goes...It is much more pronounced in person.  Does it bother me?  I am not sure.  The face is important and I may need to restitch that section.  I am not sure what I did wrong.  I was very tired and stressed when I did that section...Could that be it?
My boys will be on vacation and taking my camera so I probably won't post much till they get back.  Hopefully I will get some serious stitching time though.


Linda said...

It looks fine to me Beth.


Pamela said...

When you point it out, I see the line, but I think you should stitch the hair and see if you still notice it. I think it will be much less noticable when you get more of Elizabeth done.

LIZ said...

I agree with Pamela. Wait & see. Just be sure not to anchor anything there :-).
Did you accidentally get 2 rows going the same direction? What kind of thread? Sometimes thread can be thick & thin in one strand.

MNStitcher said...

Looks to me that you stitched the row in the wrong direction so you have no thread covering up the holes from the backside where you do in the other rows. Check the back and see if you can see the problem on the back. Personally I would take out that row and restitch - you don't want all your hard work ruined by a row you will always see if you are bothered by it already.

caroltoll said...

Are you working with the grain of the canvas? Not doing so causes exactly the type of lines you are getting. To work with the grain, start your stitch at the left of a vertical thread. Cover the vertical intersections on down rows and cover the horizontal threads on up rows. Hope this helps.