Friday, March 8, 2013

What I Did Today...Not Needlework

I love getting mail.  Real mail.  Not junk mail, bills or college info(my son has been getting tons of it).  Because I like getting mail, I figure other people do too so when a friend suggested that we get together to do art, I knew what I was making.  Mail.  Lots and lots of mail.  I got twelve pieces done and one mistake.  My goal is to get all these mailed out before we get together again in April. 

This is Gay Ann Roger's Love and Friends Heart.  I could not resist starting a new piece despite all my WIPs.  I did start on GARs Elizabeth, but she only has one eye.  Not much to photo so maybe next week I can have something to show on it and Spring Splendor.


Linda said...

Love your mail are Beth. Great new start.


NCPat said...

Cute idea!