Thursday, February 28, 2013

What to do when it snows...

 We have gotten a bit on snow where I live and I decided to take advantage of it.  I had ice dyed fabric at the local library.  My dd joined me in my dyeing that day and we decided one piece needed more dye.  (Look at the end of this post.)  I added rust orange and pale yellow Procion dyes on top of the snow and waited to see what happened.

Soda soaked fabric

Snow covered-powdered dye added

Snow melting

Ice dyed-pre-snow dyed

After snow dyed

Ice dyed fabric
My favorite piece that I have done recently is the piece on the right.   Looks like Monet's garden.  Will I be able to cut it?  The redyed piece looks better in person, but it is very orange.  It will be for the back of a quilt some day.  Hope you find a way to enjoy the snow.


Linda said...

Love the fabric you dyed. What pretty colors.


NCPat said...


Nicola said...

Fascinating and what a beautiful result.