Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 19-Venetian Delight

This piece has not been touched since the ANG seminar in Albuquerque.  Was that 2002 or 2003?  I cannot remember.  I do remember Ro Pace and Jean Hilton teaching together and being terrified of being over my head.  They did a great job of showing me what to do and I hate having this piece langish in the basement.  I am afraid it will have to wait its turn...
Just to show you that I am getting some things closer to being done, here is a picture of the Agecroft Sweet Bag.  Putting all the sequins in took some time and I am trying to do the hemstitch on the top so I can finish this myself.  (Sorry this picture is so "blue."  I think I need to work on lighting for my photos.)

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Linda said...

Another great piece you have started.