Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Progress on the Blackwork

 I thought you would like to see what a difference a few stitches make when doing blackwork.  The top photo has a little difference between the right and left sides, but look at this next photo:
The additional stitching really adds dimension in my opinion.  Hope you were able to purchase something at Gay Ann's E-Week Sale.  I think it is still going on...No affiliation.  Just a satisfied customer.  Yes, I had to get Echoes of Elizabeth!


Linda said...

Great progress Beth. You can see a big difference.


Nicola said...

Lucky you, that was the kit I wanted, please post loads of photos as you stitch it.

Beth in IL said...

I have a friend who stitched Echoes and it is better in person. Thanks goodness it won't arrive any time soon so I won't be tempted to drop everything else and start on it!