Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Canning, dehydrating, extracting and other stuff...OT

I thought I would answer your questions in this post.  My kitchen is almost done!  I have a sink, stove and frig.  I am happy.  The dehydrated fruit came out great.  I especially liked the pears that I dipped in a honey/water mixture and then dried.  My oldest likes them too.  Thank goodness I have a bunch in the freezer.  I have managed to can salsa, tomatoes and tomato sauce.  Also did get some applesauce canned.  I am not sure how much I did of each-I normally keep track-but I do know I am almost done.  The last batch of tomato sauce is cooking now and I just shredded and froze a ton of zucchini.  I can smell the batch of bread that is baking in the oven now.  (The kids keep asking when it will be done.)   The photo is of my oldest son's honey.  This is just the first batch he extracted and bottled.  He needs help with another harvest and we may have to do it one more time.  I must be crazy!!!  I will get back to stitching and posting pictures-maybe even tomorrow!

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