Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here is a list of the colors I have used for Serpentine.
All Kreinik is #001 Silver
ThreadWorkx- 1015 (but  I may have chosen a different overdye if I had seen all my colors laid out)
Soie de Paris-114 and 3333
Finca perle cotton- #8  #3810(lt blue),#2615(purple),#3822(dk blue)
                              #12   #3810,#2615, #2606
                              #16-Either 3810 or 2606
I have my beads, but I am uncertain which one I will choose.  Having to order everything online makes a huge difference.  Also, the Finca has different tints and some are quite different within color numbers and sizes. 
Also, I think it would change the piece to put a light purple (2606) inside the dark blue crescents (3822) instead of the light blue (3810).  Moved the purple color out more, although there is still another woven border on the edge of the piece..
Changing the Kreinik would be fun too.  Mine is very shiny because of the silver, but I wonder if there would have been a different Kreinik or metallic that would have worked better-something in light purple?  You do need #8,#4 and #1/16.
Hope that helps everyone!

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