Friday, September 4, 2009

Stash and Points

I should be canning pears, but wanted to add something to my blog before my kids took over the computer. I went shopping at Dick Blick's yesterday (it is a big art supply store) and added a few things to my already ample art supplies. I decided I need to keep track of the art supplies I use and give myself points for them too. Which means I will start in the hole with this purchase. But...points will be different in this group. I will give myself 2 points if I use something that normally would be thrown away and one point if I use something I have purchased. I rarely use up art supplies-a little paint goes a long way!-but I will give myself 2 points if I do. If the piece gets mailed away, never to return, I will give myself a bonus of 5 points!

I also think I need to give myself some points for finishing a needlework piece. Maybe that will help with stash removal in my house. 5 points for Mill hill bead kits(small) , 10 points for larger Mill Hill bead kits, 100 points for large projects, with 50 points for medium ones. I have lots of Mill Hill Bead kits in my stash-I have 3 started right now! Also, since I like to bead, I will give myself points for finishing projects here too. (It seems more like needlework since I sting them with a needle and I prefer projects that involve needles.) So, since I took two classes-no negative points since I learned something new to get rid of stash!-and have finished one of them, I will give myself 5 points for it. (The Kumihimo bracelet) I also made the bracelet for my daughter and used beads from my stash-8 points.

I heard an alarm go off so I know I need to get to work. This is probably as clear as mud and will probably be too complicated. Time will tell!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Makes sense to me. The stash points thing is just to motivate one to use up current supplies after all.

Tonya said...

ok, where are these points going to be kept track?

Beth in IL said...

I am keeping track on my sidebar. It gives me a reason to use my stuff up!