Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mystery in a Corner done....almost

As you can see I have almost finished MIAC. I am trying to do a tent stitch border so that I won't have the expense of matting the piece. The centers do not show it very well, but I used DMC 210. The photo makes that color look white. It looks very nice in person. I would love to see all the finished MIACs from Gay Ann's classroom in person. I bet they are all stunning. I am following Cynthia advice and putting it aside for a while. I am working on Janet Casey's Snow Cone Santa right now and it is very addicting... I will see if she will allow me to post my progress.
This cute pin was stitched by Sam. It is a Mill Hill bead kit called Dazzling Dragonfly. It has been sitting in Sam's "to do" pile for a while and he finally decided to finish him up. I think I will have to steal it from him... Just joking!
Sam is currently working on a beaded bug for a friend. When he gets it done, I will post it.

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Sabale said...

que zarpado esos cositos. very good sugar sugar