Friday, January 18, 2019

It's the Weekend!

If you can find some extra stitching time, join the fun! The idea is to take some time on the third weekend of the month and do some stitching.

It is also Friday night which means a stitching party on the Off the Grid Facebook group. The idea is to spend as much time with the needle as possible on Friday night.

You know the real reason for these is to get people to post photos of their stitching and make us think, "Oh! That is so pretty! I need that!"

I am in a dilemma. I would like to continue working on Reptiles so I can get a page finish this month BUT  I need to get some work done on Tall Year Squared so I am ready for a finishing party on Tuesday. (Not sure we are going to FINISH TYS, but we are going to move it forward.) Here is what my kitchen table looked like this afternoon:
Cutting and ironing interfacing. Now I need to add some eyelets and some other stuff. Lots of other stuff....

I had also thought about starting this piece:
I got rid of a canvas (Coverlet?) and framed this piece up. I am meeting my friend on Wednesday and I would like to say I have taken a few stitches on this piece. My major hold up is that we are expecting snow this weekend and stitching on a pumpkin does not appeal.

I should do a little cleaning before the evening. Hope to show you some photos of progress on Monday. Happy stitching!