Thursday, January 10, 2019


The other day I had an Embroidery Guild of America meeting. I try to attend both the day and night, if I can. I had brought my Lotus Box to see if I could find the mistake in the piece. When I mentioned to a gal that it had a mistake that I needed to find, she said she was good at finding mistakes. Perfect!
 I can't circle it, but I made a mistake in the cable stitch. Sigh. Now do I rip it or start on another piece? I need two EXACTLY the same to make the box so something has to give. Thanks Lynne for finding my error. I really do appreciate it.

And did any of you read the post by Mary Corbet about storing Tulip needles? Tulip Needles
I found it quite interesting but resisted buying a pack of Q-tips just to store my needles. Went to the evening meeting and my friend handed me this:
How sweet! Now I need to get my Tulip needles from where I stuck them and place the bottles in my holder. Fabulous! Thanks Mary!

I have plans to stitch something to do with needles, but I haven't pulled threads or linen yet. And I must finish something before I start ANYTHING new. Ha!

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Leonore Winterer said...

I love that needle storage idea - the little bottles in the pack look like something out of an alchemyst's laboratory!

Can't you make another piece with the exact same "mistake" to get two who are the same?