Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Longest Day of the Year-Almost

I have decided to join Jo of Serendipitous Stitching on her SAL. I have to do it over two days or I won't get much stitching done.  My goal is to get some work done on a crazy quilt square. I also plan on kitting up some things and getting my basement room to look a little less like it exploded. We shall see.
Here is my work on Drawn Thread Sampler:

I have almost finished another row! And I managed to finish all the 4 sided stitch on one set of little squares.
My plan is to pull Reptiles and stitch on it a little over the next few days. I will try to post photos of what I get done.
Hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Finish for Gifted Gorgeousness

I finally got this done!
I will frame it and give it to my mother in law for her birthday!

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Rotation-Kind Of

I decided I needed to start a rotation to get some of my bigger projects moving forward. Last week I pulled out my Christmas stocking and worked on it.
This is the last photo I believe I showed you about a month ago.
 Here is where I am today:
This week I will try to work on Drawn Thread Sampler. Hopefully I will make progress to show you.

Monday, June 5, 2017

This Stitcher is So Slow!

I am sure most people who signed up for Gay Ann Roger's Drawn Thread Sampler are done and have moved on by now. Not me! I am as slow as molasses!
Here is what it looked like on May 31:
 This is where I am today:
It took me several evenings of lots of stitching and ripping and stitching to get this far. Now I can't find my master photo of the piece to see what I need to do next. Although I may do the little bits that are between the small squares. Oh! And it looks like I need to do the four-sided stitch around all of them too...Do you think I can finish this by next March? I am beginning to wonder.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Stash Diet

Sigh. Do you ever not want to weigh yourself because you know what the scale will say? That is how I feel today. But I figure I need to post something this month as I did not in April.
March Total-                                                       $214
Money for April and May                                     50
cards sent                                                                 9
ANG Pilot Finished                                                25
Mailed away pilot(to my mom) &finished           25
Threads                                                                    20
Eleanor                                                                   337
Patchwork of Peace                                               225
Total                                                                        -238 

Now that is sad. I am a slow stitcher and the question is whether I will ever finish all these pieces. The other question is the cost of needlepoint vs cross stitch or embroidery. There is a good discussion of it on Fiber Talk , which is a podcast about fiber arts. I find I enjoy needlepoint more and tend to finish more canvas pieces than cross stitch, or at least big pieces. I also find that needlepoint goes faster (if you aren't doing basketweave or some of the background stitches) than cross stitch. But the expense is real. I don't even touch hand painted canvases because they are out of my price range. But I admire my friends who do beautiful work on them.
Why am I writing all this? Probably guilt. I feel guilty that I broke my diet. But I am hoping you will not judge me on it and I hope to be back in the black before the end of the year.
I will try to post a photo of Drawn Thread Sampler soon. It is moving forward, if ever so slowly....

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ever Feel a Little Obsessed?

I do. Right now all I want to work on is Reptiles. Here is the last photo I took of it:

 And this is where I am today:
I am ALMOST done with that stinking first page! I want to work on it all the time. Especially instead of stitching on Drawn Thread Sampler! And the Eleanor class starts tomorrow. Guess who isn't ready?
My boys are back in Ohio for internships and graduate school. I miss them, but am eyeing their room as a place to escape from the cat to do some stitching. Now you can't walk in their because of the disaster they left, but I see possibilities!
Will try to do a stash diet report tomorrow. It will be bad is all I am saying.

Friday, May 26, 2017

My Little Project

I am getting tired of Mill Hill kits. Yes, I am fickle. I want to work on my big projects but time and life issues do not allow. So Mill Hill bead kits follow me to doctor visits and when I have 10 minutes before bed.
This is where I left Benjamin in March.
 He tagged along on quite a few places so he is looking a lot better.
I think when he gets to the beading stage I will look for a different small project. I have plenty of Mill Hills to do, but I think I need a canvas piece to relieve the stress of all those little x's.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What I Have Been Doing

I think I told you that my guild is stitching Tall Year Squared by Betsy Morgan and I am helping make kits. Why? Because I am crazy! Even more so as I volunteered to dye the linen and the silk. The first batch came out very blotchy.
The colors are lovely, but too dark by a little bit and not even. They will work for other projects and I will sell them for the guild at the region workshop we will have in 2018. I have reordered both the silk and linen and will try again next week. I think I need to do one shade at a time, add more water and stir! I also need to change one of the colors as it does not match the threads we already have.
Do you all think I am crazy?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Christmas Stocking- 15 Minutes a Day

I have been stitching on this piece consistently since the beginning of May. I know it won't be done before Christmas, but I like seeing it progress. As you can see, I have made it to the other angel. Most days I only did 15 minutes a day, but on some days I did an hour or so.

To answer some questions: last post was a Mill Hill bead kit that a friend gave me. Not sure what I am going to do with it when I am done, although I am thinking of gifting it my mother-in-law as she loves winter, Santa and Christmas. We shall see.

Monday, May 15, 2017

May Gifted Gorgeousness

It has been awhile since I posted my North Pole design. I am excited, because I have started on the beading. I try to work on it for a few minutes at least 5 times a week. It doesn't always happen, but it gives me a goal.
Jo is hosting Gifted Gorgeousness over on her blog.  If you want to see more projects from other stitchers, look here.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


I decided to work on the backstitching as I go on my stocking. If not, it might sit in an incomplete state forever. Anyway it is fun to see the piece come to life.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What I am Stitching this Month

There are a lot of crazy people on the internet, well on Facebook in particular, who are starting 15 new projects in May. I am crazy, but trying to behave myself. I decided I need to start finishing some projects. I am working on another pilot project (which I can't show you), but I also want to make progress on my Christmas stocking. So I am going to try to work on it 15 minutes for 15 days this month. Somewhat sane, I hope.
Here is what is looked like when I last showed it to you:
 Here is what it looked like after I stitched on it on Monday.
That is not one session, but I hadn't taken a photo of it in a while. I hope to make some serious progress it show you in a few weeks.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Malachite Heart Finished

For some reason my tablet would not let me post this when I finished it Monday. And yes, I ordered Eleanor from Gay Ann Rogers
Hey! I finished something!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Z is for Zentangle

This one is not a Mill Hill bead kit, but a project that I did a while ago and thought I would share.
 This was a Catherine Jordan piece that I stitched and just love it! One of these days I will stitch another using the tangles my oldest son likes to draw.
Glad this is the last A to Z Challenge post. I don't think I will be doing this again next year....

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Y is for Amarillo?

 Well, Amarillo is yellow in Spanish so there you go!

Friday, April 28, 2017

X is for all those little stitches...

 Most Mill Hill patterns have a little of the paper showing, but not this one!
I still have a bit to go on it, but hopefully it will be done next month.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

W is for Winter Wonderland

 I am afraid to start this one with all the white on it. Maybe if I get brave I will work on it next year.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A to Z Catch Up Post

First up is this little kit. Another card, if I ever get it done.

Q is for quality. I like it that every thing I need is in the kit. Very rarely have I run out of thread or beads and Mill Hill has always been helpful in supplying what was lacking.

 R is for Rosa. I love the blue flower on her head!

 S is for Sailor Teddy. I am not exactly sure why I bought him although my guess is that it was the price...

T is for Tulip Egg. When I bought this I did not realize that it is all beading. Pretty, but not a take along piece.

 U is for useful. The little penguin is a magnet holding up my son's college schedule.

 V is for Verde. What can I say? I am addicted!

If you made it to the bottom of this post, congratulations! I allowed life to get in the way of my posting. I also admit that I do not like the new A to Z Challenge format. I find it nearly impossible to find other craft blogs. Sigh. Oh well. I am getting a bit of stitching done. Some I cannot show you, but hopefully there will be a finish or two in May.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

O is for Owlets

I fell in love with these little Owlets when I first saw them. Alas, I did not buy the whole series, but I think I have enough Mill Hill bead kits, don't you?

Monday, April 17, 2017

N is for Naranja

I just noticed that this one has a peace charm on the forehead. I do need to find a family member who would like these...

Saturday, April 15, 2017

M is for Morado

Yes, another Calavera Sugar Skull. I love the teeth on this one for some reason. I know-weird.

Friday, April 14, 2017

L is for Love Coffee and Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop 2017

First up is my A to Z blog challenge. I wish I had bought the whole set of these little hearts. The others had different things on them-music was one- and they would be so fun to stitch and give away. Oh well!

And here is my Easter stitching!

I really don't have much. Each year I tell myself that I should stitch something new for the different holidays/seasons. Each year I find other things to stitch.
Anyway, if you are part of the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop put on  by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching
Here is your letter:
The next blog is:
 Have a great Easter!