Sunday, January 27, 2019

January WIPocalypse Post

This is the brainchild of Melissa over at Measi's Musings.  The idea is to work on your WIPs as if the world was going to end.....I posted all the WIPs I could find HERE. I know I won't stitch them all or even put a single stitch on some of them, but I have made some progress on a few.

Melissa asked what Stitch a Longs or SALs we are taking part of this year. I am joining Jo with several of her SAls including People's Choice SAL and Gifted Gorgeousness. I am also trying to stitch 1200 stitches on my Reptiles piece for the SAL on the Full Coverage Fanatics Facebook page. I hope to work on the Linen and Threads 2017 Mystery SAL as I have received my thread and linen for it. I am also trying to keep up with Nicola on the MH 1656 Sampler

Here is my progress so far:
1. MH 1656
I am caught up with the Facebook group.
2. Welcome Mill Hill Bead Kit:
3.Reptiles-Still have a bit to go to hit my 1200, but hopefully I will post that at the end of the month.
 4.Butterfly- I only do a strand a night, if that, but I am making some progress.
5.Warm and Wise-This is my travel piece. It is close, but not yet ready for beading.
6.Lotus Box-I had to totally restart this. It needs two pieces exactly the same so that is why there are two blackwork centers.

 Hopefully there will be more progress or different projects next month. Or maybe even a finish! Wouldn't that be fun? Which reminds me! Ten Hour Stitcher is doing a SAL to fully finish projects. February 10 is the day to have an FFO. I would so love to have something to share! Stay tuned!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

MH is looking good, it will be great if you can keep up with the FB group.
Slow and steady is a good method for designs like th Butterfly. Look at my progress on Alice, it's taken over a year but I'm nearly done now!

Linda said...

Nice progress on all of your projects Beth.


Leonore Winterer said...

Great stitching for the month!