Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for Cross Stitch

 I know. I know.  Cross stitch doesn't start with an x, but I have a tone of patterns that I need to make hundreds and thousands of x's on.
This first one is "Bee Happy" by Sandra Sullivan.  I even have the fabric for it and it is together with the pattern! A minor miracle if you ask me.
 Then there is this Autumn Box by Victoria Sampler.  Just love the colors.  No fabric bought for it yet.
 And I found one of my "lost" Just Nan patterns!
 And another Victoria Sampler called Winter Box.  A friend bought it accidentally and decided she did not want to do it.  One of these centuries I will get to it.

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Courtney Turner said...

LOL. I used to do a lot of X stitch too, and have an unfinished peacock tapestry by Teresa Wentzler. It's been 15 years now, at least, and I blog more than stitch. Maui Jungalow