Saturday, June 29, 2019

Half-way Point for Wipocalypse

Melissa over at Measi's Musings has this wonderful SAL where we work on our WIPs like it is the end of the world. Or something like that.  This month we are to share how we are doing on our goals. So as not to bore you, I will only include things I have stuck a needle in over the past 6 months. (Lots of photos as I hope to have where I started and where I am now photos!)
1.First Christmas Stocking

3. MH 1656

4.2020 QC Challenge
5. Welcome-Fall Mill Hill (A Finish!)



Got to the other side!!!
9. Tall Year Squared(A Finish!!!)

I redid this and it is really finished now!
10. Some finishes

12. Warm and Wise

14. Catherine Jordan Map Class:This class was with Cyberstitchers , the EGA online chapter. I tried to join the chapter, but the webpage would not allow me. I need to try again. Anyway, all I have done is outline my map.

15. Hooray for the Red, White and Blue-I started this as a study group with my local guild

16. Canvas pumpkin-Stitched but not FFOed!
28 and 29-New starts and finishes!
Love Lives Here by Heart in Hand and a Freebie from The Scarlett House
30. Here Lie My Needles by Shakespeare's Peddler
Hmm. Can't find the photo of the finished piece. I need to FFO it, which I hope will happen soon.
31. Imperial Diamonds Heart by Gay Ann Rogers
I am adding the beads to this piece.
Whew! I have lots of pieces that I haven't touched all year, unlike Jo . But I have a serious urge to start a new project. I am blaming Gary and Vonna over at Fiber Talk 
Not sure what I will do for the month of July. I may join the Harriet Salt 1866 SAL. Or I may do the Linen And Threads 2017 SAL. But what I should do is FINISH A LARGE PROJECT!!!!
What about you? How are you coming with your WIPs?


Linda said...

Awesome finishes and progress on all of your projects Beth. Go ahead and start something. We can never have enough WIP's.


Clare-Aimetu said...

Great stitching and finishes, I love your Tall Year Square

Leonore Winterer said...

You did touch a lot of your WIPs too! Well done, so many beautiful things got done there.

Astrids dragon said...

Oh my, so many lovely WIPs and beautifully finished pieces! I love the finished heart and Santa.