Saturday, December 1, 2018


When   Jo  announced that dragons was the theme for the People's Choice SAL in December, I had to laugh. When my oldest was a young child, he loved dragons. He would make up imaginary ones and tell us what they sounded like. He had a toy dragon that he loved. It is in the basement somewhere....
Anyway, one year I decided to make him a Christmas stocking. He wanted a dragon on it. This is around the year 1999. No dragon stockings. So he drew a picture of one and helped me pick the stitches for a counted canvas piece.
Yes, the colors are that bright.(Please ignore the mess in the background!)He helped me choose the colors and  all the stitches. I was close to being done when he told me the dragon was in a cave with lots of gold coins. So AFTER I had done most of the stitches, I had to paint the background black. Luckily my SIL had some coin charms that I could use and I was set.

Here is another dragon that I did stitch for him that is hanging on the wall in his bedroom. I don't know the designer or the year I stitched it, but it is a dragon!

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you follow the link to Jo, there will be other posts of dragons.


Linda said...

Wow Beth. Awesome dragons.


jocondine said...

Well done. Great dragons. So cute to stitch your son's picture and share the work with him. How precious must be that memory. xxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in the SAL this month, the post is now up for you to link to.
I love your dragon stitching, especially the one your son helped you design. The gold coin charms are a great idea.

Leonore Winterer said...

That dragon stocking is awesome! I bet the two of you had a lot of fun designing it together.