Friday, December 21, 2018

International Hermit and Stitching Weekend!

I was so glad to see Jo's post on Facebook that this is the weekend to Hermit and Stitch.  No, you do not need to stitch all weekend or kick your family out of the house so you can stitch! It is just a weekend where you try to get a little stitching time in. We are supposed to post our progress on the Monday or Tuesday after the weekend.    Here is a full list of all the information.

I plan on stitching on First Christmas Stocking. Yes, it is MY stocking. My son laughed at me the other night as he noticed I had not even made it to the toe....
But since my candy making is done-a couple of friends are trading candy with me-I can spend some extra time stitching.  It will be a nice little break during this busy season.

Oh! I wanted to mention that one of the ladies on Flosstube is trying to raise money for Beagle Paws, a beagle rescue group.  Her name is Caroline McNeil Hauffe and her channel is   Off the Grid Needlearts   .Just wanted to get the word out... When I was a child we had a beagle called Charlie Brown. He was the best dog ever. I miss that dog. My husband is a cat person so we have a cat. I am allergic to cats. Guess who the cat loves?    


Renee said...

Beth, this is lovely. I hope you are enjoying some wonderful stitching time this weekend. I'm hoping to get to Fractal White Tiger a little bit today. We'll see... So much to do and so little time! (I'm allergic to cats, too; and would not be able to live with one. They cause allergy induced asthma, so I cannot breathe well around them. However, I'll be spending Christmas day in a home with 2.) I look forward to seeing your IHSW progress!

thanida said...

Thanks for your encouragement. I wish that you would learn something from my blog.

Leonore Winterer said...

I totally missed IHSW in December! I hope you got some good stitching in.

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