Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Take a Stitch Tuesday or TAST

I did not have time to post my stitching from last week but am including it in this week. 
TAST is the brain child of Sharon B over at  Pintangle.
She does a much better job explaining but this is a stitching challenge to learn new stitches every Tuesday and then post them on the web somewhere(your choice!) The first stitches have been very basic, but are good ones to know. I decided to do a free form stitching project and just DO IT! I have looked at this challenge for years and get frustrated when I try to do a stitch on a project and it doesn't work and I have to rip it out. This way, I will just do the stitch and let it be.
The two stitches are running stitch and buttonhole stitch. I am using a long piece of fabric that is fairly narrow that I dyed and then painted. Not too exciting, but it is a start.


Pamela said...

Nice fabric to work on. Your stitching start looks great.

Chitra Gangadharan said...

good start on TAST! It looks great!

Linda said...

Nice start Beth. I just like making little x's.


Leonore Winterer said...

Awsome idea. Some year I will need to participate in this, I really want to learn some more stitches :)