Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018 100 Day Project (Or I am Totally Nuts!)

I heard about this project last year when a mixed media artist I follow posted her 100 days of faces. Like a crazy person I thought "I would like to do that!"  So here it is, time to start the 100 Day Project Challenge and I joined. Nuts. I must be nuts! The idea is to do something creative for 100 days. You are supposed to challenge yourself and see where you end up creatively. Check it out here  if you want to know more.
Originally I thought I would do a mixed media challenge but realized I was setting myself up for failure. I am traveling in February and wouldn't take stuff with me. I decided to keep my theme broad-Needlework- and stick to something I do almost every day. But then I wondered, what is the challenge in that? So I stenciled a piece of fabric and thought I would work on it but realized the thought of another new project would drive me over the edge. Not good. Before falling asleep last night I realized I had started a challenge that I needed to work on and that would fit this 100 day project perfectly! The 2020 crazy quilt!  So for now, I am working on it for at least 10 minutes every day for 100 days.
This is the block unadorned:
 Here is where I started today:
 And here is after about 20 to 30 minutes:
I know I am not going to have 2020 different stitches, but I will have a lot of threads and different combinations. And maybe by 2020 I will have a crazy quilt! (And that is my real goal.)
Anyone else trying to do something for 100 days?


Linda said...

Love the color of your fabric Beth. Good luck with the challenge. I already have to many challenges and am wayyyyyy behind.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great idea to incorporate your Crazy Quilt.

I am still doing my 10-a-day stitching project. I am on Day 207 of the second project.

I am also considering a temperature sampler having found a gorgeous design purpose made.

Leonore Winterer said...

That's a great idea. I can't wait to see where your block will end up! I do something creative almost every day anyway, and really don't have the capacity for another dedicated project, so the challenge is not for me at the moment.