Friday, June 23, 2017

Failure, Total Failure

Well,  Jo
    did a great job on stitching on the longest day of the year. I did some stitching, but not  much. I think it is because I am having foot surgery on Tuesday. I am trying to get meals ready for my family and get all the little stuff that needs to get done, DONE! I also wanted to have my stitching projects ready so I could do something besides sit and eat. Hopefully the doctor's office lied to me and I won't be in a cast for 6 weeks and no weight bearing for 8!!!!
Ok, enough whining for one post! Here is what I did accomplish over the past few days:

Sharon B over at Pintangle has a challenge going. It is to use 2020 different items/stitches in a crazy quilt. Well, you know me! I like challenges and I like crazy quilts, so I am thinking about this challenge constantly. Not that I don't have a lot of projects lurking in the basement....
My thought is that I can use fabric I have or get some from friends and make a rainbow quilt. But if I have 12 blocks and use a minimum of 12 fabrics, I still have to put 156 "items" on each block! And they each have to be unique/different! Not sure I can do that! But I do have 3 1/2 years....

The other big project I did was take the fabrics I had dyed a few years ago and cut small squares from them and put them in a folder as a reference. It cleared a box of fabric and it was fun looking through all the colors. But what to do with all the extra fabric?  I kept thinking they would make great crazy quilt postcards, so guess what I did?
They are going to be small-4" x 6"-and I did the math: 36 different colors of fabric x 8 pieces of fabric subtracted from 2020= 1731. Divide by 36 = 48 "items" per postcard. Too many for such a small space. Rats! Unless I use the other box I have of dyed squares. Not sure how many are in there or what color family they are.....I really think this is all a case of nerves!
Have a great weekend!


Pamela said...

Good luck with the challenge and the foot surgery!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The quilt does sound crazy! You could do a lot of different speciality stitches?

Hope the surgery goes well.

Tiffstitch said...

Hope you recover well, and the fabrics are beautiful, good luck deciding what to do!

Renee said...

I hope the foot surgery goes well and wish you a speedy recovery!

I am so excited that you are participating in the 2020 challenge. With my goal to finish some UFOs, I may just cheer everyone on from the sidelines.

It is my understanding each unique seam treatment can be counted as 1 item. (Unless that changed with the official guidelines posted. I still need to read that post.) Have fun!