Sunday, June 25, 2017

A New Project-Kind of

I have been tired of stitching on large projects that require lots of colors, so I started this one from my Crazy List:
I changed the colors of the stripes as I didn't like the green that was included on the kit. I showed it to my daughter as she said she wanted me to stitch it for her and she looked less than thrilled. It could have been that she was nervous about her upcoming trip, but I have a feeling she doesn't like it any more. I may have to find this kitty a new home...Or maybe I could use it in the 2020 project. Just a thought.


Tiffstitch said...

Hmm, well, there's always something else to stitch for her if she's not enthused, or maybe it's hard to tell when it's still in progress. DH has trouble with that sometimes. What's the 2020 project?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That is the problem with stitching for other people! I am sure you can find room for it in your 2020 quilt.