Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday-Spring and a Cat

Since my middle child is taking driver's education, I have a 2 hour wait, four nights a week.  This has given me ample time to stitch on Spring Splendor.  What you see is more like ten days of work, but every little bit counts.  I am not allowing myself any other large projects until this is done!

Below is Miss Chessie's Tuffet.  It has been my take along and 12 stitches project for quite a while.  The yellow overdye is one I did myself.  The kitty will be made into a scissors fob which my dd has said she would like.  The front of the biscornu is stitched and all that needs to be done is the back.  It is a simple piece that I find relaxing to work.


Linda said...

What a great piece Beth. I love the yellow floss.


Pamela said...

The biscornu and kitty fob are adorable!