Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Days 20-26 And WIP Wednesday

I decided to post all these together rather than bore you with individual posts.  First up is a canvas piece entitled Elizabeth I, A Portrait by Gay Ann Rogers.  All I have done so far is start on the basting.

The next group is some of my many Christmas ornaments that I hope to finish this year.  The Santas are by Janet Zickler Casey and are just a few that I have in my stash.  The Quartet of Ornaments are by Marilyn Owen. I was supposed to stitch them last year with Cyberpointers.  She even gives finishing instructions!

Here is Spring Splendor.  I hope to work on it daily and get it done.  I do not like the piece.  It is not the design or the designer; I just don't like stitching Japanese Embroidery. But my family loves it so I will finish it. 


Nicola said...

i love it too Beth although I have never done Japanese embroidery. Visually it is stunning.

Linda said...

More great pieces Beth.


NCPat said...

You are going to be very busy!