Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13

This is the Agecroft Sweet Bag by Catherine Jordan.  She did the pattern for EGA and it is very close to being done.  But now I remember why it moved to the basement.  The gold chain stitch is difficult to do and I used Sulky to transfer the design.  Gold chain I can live with but how to remove the Sulky?  (It is a washable stabilizer.)  I am afraid if I dunk the piece in water the reds will bleed like mad.  I will finish the stitching and then see what I can do.  I have enjoyed stitching it and I am so close to being done!


Linda said...

Looks great Beth. What a pretty piece.


Nicola said...

It would be such a shame not to finish this stunning piece. Not sure what to suggest about the stabiliser.