Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why I've Not Been Stitching

My ds shared a really bad cold with me.  I have even decided to see the doctor because I feel so bad.  But besides not being perky enough to count to stitch, I have tags to make.  Lots and lots of tags to make.  450 to be exact.  The picture shows 50 of them.  Last night a group of friends helped me make quite a few more.  Sorry, I am too tired to count them!  They are for our church to give away as random acts of kindness for Valentine's Day.  I am not exactly sure how they are to be used except people are supposed to put a gift card in the little pocket I made on the front.  Hopefully I will feel like stitching again soon.


DIAN said...

I do hope you feel better soon. Rest and take the doctor's advice and you will be stitching again soon.

NCPat said...

It happens to us all...feel better soon!

Nicola said...

Hope you feel better soon, a cold can be so debilitating. I love the tags.