Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Tote Bag

For some reason that I can't understand, my pictures always load the opposite way I want them। Gremlins in the computer?
This is a picture of San Raphael that I stitched onto the pocket of my bag. This is El Nino, also on a pocket.
The entire bag:

The other side:

I bought this fabric last year at the International Quilt Show and attempted to start a tote bag। Finally, with a lot of help from my librarian friends, I finished it last night। Now I need more fabric so I can make another bag! Also, I originally planned this as a Christmas gift for my mom। Should I still send it to her? My kids say yes, wrapped with a note saying "Do not open until Christmas."


cheryl lennox said...

It looks great! See - you can sew...

Chez Le Pouppe said...

Very creative, BEth. I like what you've done.
When you make the next handbag, be sure to include a La Niña,partner of El Niño, name for occuring weather patterns here in Southern California.