Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Finishes of 2011

Ok. So I was almost done with these. But I put the last few beads on Rhiannon this afternoon, so she is done! I need to wash and iron her and get her ready to frame, but she is out of my stitching pile. Rhiannon by Nora Corbett

And I have put the beads on my blue SOTM. There is still one section to go, but I will have to wait until February to do it. I am using this to demonstrate for my local EGA.

I am glad it is done since my Orna Willis class starts tomorrow. I should be working on a WIP, but I feel the need to start something new. So my goal is to keep up in Squaredance and not allow it to become a WIP.
(Once these pieces are framed, I will add points to my thread count. Maybe.)


Rebecca said...

WOW! Beautiful. Could you share your colors with us? Your colors came our wonderfully.

Rebecca in IA

Tonya said...

love that color

Beth in IL said...

I dyed my own threads for the sotm piece. It was lots of fun