Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dyeing Fabric

The Mississippi River Valley Chapter of EGA had an interesting challenge for the group this year. We were given a large piece of Hardanger fabric and challenged to make something with it. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it! My beloved sister-in-law is a minister and has been desiring a Hardanger stole. The fabric was perfect except for one thing-it was white and she wanted a green stole. (And I now know it is too short, but I will deal with that later.)

I did not want to use green thread on the white fabric so I needed to dye the stuff. The only problem was it is wool. (Very soft!) A friend had some dye but it was a cold water dye for cotton and linens. Here is a picture of it: I was given an extra piece of fabric to experiment with so I decided to try it. It took less than a teaspoon of dye to color the vat green:
I added 3 tablespoons of salt to activate the dye and allowed the fabric to soak overnight. Then I added baking soda to neutralize and set the dye. Then I rinsed the piece in cold water. To set the dye I heated my iron to high and while the piece was still wet, I ironed it. The kids said it stunk! (Think wet sheep!) Anyway, it seemed to work. I know my sister-in-law won't be getting the finished piece wet or dirty, but I did wash a small piece to make sure the color stayed. It did so I think I am ready to look for threads. Here is a photo:

I will probably use Impressions, but want to go to my LNS to check colors.


pam T said...

Beth, your blog looks great and the color of the stole you dyed is gorgeous! Love your art projects!

Cyn said...

Hi Beth,

The dye job looks great!

What color thread will you use?

Windy Meadow