Thursday, February 12, 2009

Answer a few questions

Well Cynthia, I am not sure what color of Impressions I will be using. Although you can't tell by looking at the picture, there are some blue tones mixed in with the greens. My sil and I are going on a retreat in March and I will let her decide what she wants me to use. I was told I could use the Impressions for both the kloster blocks and the filler stitches. That would be nice as I hate it when they don't match!

As far as my crazy quilt goes- the shirt was my husband's work shirt. He was not happy to find it in my quilt, to say the least! But it was in my quilt because it was too tattered to wear anymore. (Actually, I took two shirts, but lets not tell him...) In my October square I used a pocket from a pair of pants my daughter wore everyday they were clean. Too tattered to pass on so I saved them for this project. She was happy to see them again, even if they are not wearable! The rest of the fabrics are just things I picked up. I have my January square ready to stitch; I just need to find the time!

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Cyn said...

Hi Beth,

Thanks for answering my questions!

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